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Strategic Project's InTone solutions suite
Build instant rapport with your customers. Add science to customer's satisfaction.
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Strategic Project | LVA-i
Integrity & personality assessment systems
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Strategic Project | QA7
Add genuine emotion detection technology to your call center solutions
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Strategic Project | RA7
Fraud Hurts. Time to fight back.
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Strategic Project | LVA 6.50
Professional investigation focus tool
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We Use voice analysis for emotion detection, personality and risk assessment

At Strategic Project Solutions , we devote all our time in delivering futuristic and non-invasive investigation and security tools, fraud determent solutions , CRM tools and cognitive analytical applications. Most of Strategic Project Solutions’ products and services are based on Layered Voice Analysis (LVA), A proprietary and protected voice analysis technology.


Driving technology for leading brands


“… use of Strategic Project Solutions RA7 Solution for claims fraud detection since the year 2013. We are satisfied with the system’s performance and its effectiveness in detecting fraud and assisting us in reducing fraud costs. “

Pavol Pitoňák

Vice President of Allianz, Slovak Insurance Company

“ECI has been using Nemesysco’s LVA-i platform in the past two years for integrity tests for new employees. The system provides us with extremely reliable indications, and produces information that allows us to clean up or to start a thorough and effective investigation when a suspicion arises.”

The Elastic Network

“In all time that I have used the system I have had the opportunity to run hundreds of voice tests for my department and the surrounding communities. I have found that my accuracy rate is approximately 97% with confession and convictions.”

Michael G. Adsit

Criminal Investigator, Canastota Police Department, New York

“Por esta vía se hace de su conocimiento que BDO Auditores y Consultores, S.A. utiliza la tecnologia LVA-i, la cual se incluye en los procesos de Reclutamiento y Selección internos’y externos, dicha prueba nos ha brindado parametros y posibitidades del riesgo que podría implicar un candidato dentro de la empresa. “

BDO Auditores y Consultores


“We hereby certify that the LVA-i System (the “System”) has been a very successful asset in our decision making process in Human Resources, including without limitation, throughout the process of recruiting, selection, hiring, promotions, demotions, and layoffs. In addition, the System has been an excellent tool to obtain a complete and realistic picture of our company.”

Gabriela Vazquez

Human Resources Manager

“Our company is using your professional services since August 2009, when I first learned about your LVA-I and LVA 6.50 systems. Your wonderful system, as well as your timely support and professionalism around the clock, helps me a lot in my duties as chief security officer, monitoring employees activities and protecting the company’s interests, as well as the investigation of extraordinary events, many of which have been solved in a short time thanks to this system.”

Avi Betzalel

Chief Security Oficer, Maadaney Mania Group

“… Seit 2009 setzen wir zu diesem Zweck immer wieder die von Nemesysco entwickelte LVA-Technologie ein, welche sich in unserem Unternehmen sehr bewährt hat. Wir arbeiten in erster Linie mit dem Offline-Modus, mit welchem wir die davor mit den Testpersonen geführten Interviews bearbeiten. Die Rückmeldungen unserer Klienten betreffend die Stimmenanalysesoftware sind durchwegs positiv….”

Herbert Wagner

General Manager, Wagner Sicherheit Gmbh

“… The Layered Voice Analyses product is a key element in our arsenal. It is critical to separate emotional reactions of our clients or research subjects within the interventions… The new version of LVA that includes the emotional diamond will create another template from which a more insightful set of diagnostics can be realized.

Dr. Jack W. Chisum

Clinical Associate Professor


Please contact Strategic Project Solutions Limited Main office with any inquiry. We will forward your contact details to our relevant local business partner.


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